mood33 Hemp infused Tea, Peace(watermelon-mint-basil), Case of 12-12 Oz Bottles

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mood33 Hemp infused Tea, Peace, Case of 12-12 Oz Bottles. A blend of watermelon, mint and and basil infusions with green tea and hemp. Whatever you want to do, be and feel – from facing a creative challenge to wandering in the woods, crushing your workday or chilling with your boo at night – there’s a mood33 Hemp Tea to elevate you to the perfect mood for every moment. Enjoy the synergistic superpowers of all the beneficial botanicals and hemp plant nutrients with mood33.

mood33 celebrates the passing of the 2018 United States farm bill that declared hemp – defined as cannabis with less than 0.3% THC – an agricultural commodity that all Americans are now free to legally enjoy. Yeah! This legislation also provides hemp farmers with water rights and access to agricultural grants and other benefits, giving birth to an exciting new farm economy that mood33 supports wholeheartedly.

mood33 hemp is–

Organically grown in the U.S.A.
Full Spectrum
Rich in phytocannabinoids
Free of pesticides and herbicides
Non-intoxicating with only 0.3% or less THC
3rd Party Tested

At mood33™, we’re passionate plant activists bringing you the synergistic superpowers of all the bene?cial hemp plant nutrients in a convenient, natural beverage – mindfully sweetened to create six totally bliss-inducing, fruit-forward ?avors. We customize each of our herbal tea blends with powerful botanicals carefully selected to harmonize with hemp and take you where you choose to feel in the moment – whether it’s more Joy, Peace, Calm, Energy, Passion or Wellbeing. With 33mg of Full Spectrum Hemp extract per bottle, you get more of the good feelings and positive vibes of hemp than any beverage out there – like a full body massage at the cellular level. And our proprietary mood33 technology o?ers you increased bioavailability and fast-absorption, so you quickly feel the effects. It’s a way better way to enjoy hemp – in the mood that’s right for you, right now.
From Mood33, "We joined forces with Evo Hemp to contribute to creating a domestic hemp-farming network that would bring jobs and wealth to rural Native American communities facing long-term financial challenges. In collaboration with tribal leader and entrepreneur, Alex White Plume, a longtime champion of hemp farming, we made Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota our primary source for exceptional organic hemp. These Lakota farmers not only produce hemp of the highest quality, they are able to cultivate a prosperous crop under extremely harsh weather and physical conditions that limit what they can successfully grow. In turn, hemp enriches and repairs the soil, increasing its sustainability and creating more wealth for our farmers. That allows us to proudly state that mood33 hemp is 100% grown in the U.S.A."

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