Wood Display Crate
Wood Display Crate

Wood Display Crate- Small (NEW) - 12" x10" x10", Oak

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 Wood Display Crate(NEW)- Small - 12"x10"x10", Oak.  The heavy duty solid oak crate is perfect for organizing and storing vinyl records, great for organizing closets, pantries, garages and playrooms. It can be painted or stained to personalize to home decor; a light sanding is recommended prior to paint or stain. Crates can be mounted on the wall to create a vintage bookcase or accent piece. Use them at your boutique to fill with handmade soaps and lotions on your entrance table. They are great for organizing kitchen supplies or your kid’s toys in a charming way. These display crates can be used as a set or placed around your home or retail store for versatility in use. Creating a welcoming, rustic environment is simple with these antique style fixtures.  These crates are made with intended blemishes, fit and finish variations, etc..