Vintage Canadian Vinyl 1977 LP, Sonny Sinclair, " Relations and Friends"

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Vintage Canadian Vinyl  1977 LP, Sonny Sinclair, " Relations and Friends".  Rural Root Records, Brantford Ontario Canada.  LP still in Mfg Shrink wrap.

Sonny Sinclair has been making music for nearly four decades in Canada and the U.S. In the early days of his career he played extensively in the Southern Ontario region with various groups-The Diplomats, The Interns and of the Holiday Inn's favourite show bands.

In 1976 it was time for a change and Sonny focused on pursuing a solo career. In 1977 he formed his own record label and publishing company-Rural Roots Records-and released an LP called "Relations and Friends" featuring 10 original songs. The several singles released from the album received nation-wide airplay and garnered favourable reviews. A second LP "True Feelings" was released a few years later. A high point for Sonny was being part of a 9pc country band that travelled to Holland to entertain at one of their Annual Spring Festival's. Most recently Sonny has released a new CD in 2016 titled "Headin' Home Tonight". Sonny's love of music and especially the music of his early years-country swing- is the idea and catalyst for Western Swing Band.

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