Vernors Ginger Ale- 12 Oz Cans
Vernors Ginger Ale- 12 Oz Cans

Vernors Ginger Ale- Twenty Four 12 Oz Cans( Two 12 Packs)

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 Vernors Ginger Ale soda pop(soft drink).  One of America's oldest soft drinks is a gingery effervescent blend of 19 ingredients - ginger, vanilla and robust spices. One bracing sip and you'll discover the distinct Vernor's taste experience.  Enjoy it icy cold or steaming hot.  Great cocktail mixer too!  Makes a wonderfully refreshing winter drink!! Created in Detroit and now bottled and canned in Holland Michigan.  Vernors Ginger Ale soft drink is sold in a pack of twenty four(24) Cans( Two 12 Packs) 12 oz cans. 

These are "return for deposit" cans, 24 cans @ $0.05 or $0.10 each in applicable States.  Its a good earth Samaritan rebate.