Trio Turkey Gravy Mix, Case of Eight 20 Oz
Trio Turkey Gravy Mix, Case of Eight 20 Oz

Trio Turkey Gravy Mix, Case of Eight 20 Oz Packets

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Trio Turkey Gravy Mix, Case of Eight 20 Oz Packets.  A mildly seasoned gravy mix with a rich, golden color and the characteristic flavors of roasted turkey and onions.  Use it as a dipping sauce for a turkey, bacon and avocado sandwich, or use it to replace chicken broth for a flavorful stuffing. To add more flavor, add chopped sage and roasted pecans, or Dijon mustard and chopped peaches. Quality sauces and gravies don’t have to take long. At least not with Trio. In moments, you have several options on hand to serve, broaden your current offerings, or customize. The quality is trustworthy. The flavor is dependable. And the performance is consistent. Every time, in no time. Open. Pour. Stir. Done.

The delicious Trio Turkey Gravy Mix is great for adding flavor to a multitude of dishes in no time. This easy-to-use gravy mix has a golden color with the rich flavor of roasted turkey, celery, and onions.

With 8 packs of the Trio gravy, the bulk pack will be an ideal option for steakhouses, restaurants, diners, and convenience stores.

Contains milk, soy, and wheat
May contain eggs
0 g trans fat
0 mg cholesterol
No added MSG
Packaged in a reclosable packet
Shelf life: 720 days

Preparation instruction: OPEN pouch with the easy tear feature. POUR the full package of Turkey Gravy Mix gradually into 1 gallon of boiling water (212°F). STIR briskly with wire whisk until smooth and thickened, while returning to medium-high heat; OR cover and let stand for 10 minutes, then STIR briskly with wire whisk.