Tipiak French Couscous - Case of Twelve-17.6 Oz Boxes

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Tipiak Couscous - Case of Twelve -17.6 Oz Boxes. Precooked durum wheat ready in 5 min. French manufactured couscous. Very quick and easy to prepare, this couscous goes very well with meat or fish and with all sorts of vegetables for stuffings and gratins. It also is an ideal base for sweet or savory salads. Discover cuisine from home and from far away! Kosher(Parve).

Of a Berber origin, couscous is daily consumed in Northern Africa. Synonymous with generosity, it brings together family and friends around the table.
A guaranteed delight! Simple to prepare, this standard couscous is the ideal dish to serve with meat, fish and vegetables.

Tipiak is a leading French food manufacturer recognized for its culinary skills, the quality, originality and authenticity of its dry, chilled and frozen products from appetizer through dessert. 100% natural whole wheat. Low Fat.

100% Durum wheat semolina.
Contains gluten.
May contain traces of egg.

Tipiak Couscous is sold in a Case pack of twelve boxes with net 17.6 Oz each.

UPC: 081893007895

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