Sushi Chef Traditional Japanese Clear Soup - 12 Pack, Single Serve Packets

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Sushi Chef Traditional Japanese Clear Soup. Natural. Contains no artificial colors or preservatives. Sushi Chef Clear Soup is an elegant, sparkling soup that is served after an appetizer in a complete Japanese meal. It is highly regarded for its purity and simplicity. Sushi Chef Clear Soup includes shiitake mushrooms, Fu (wheat gluten), and chives. You may want to add small piece of cooked chicken, shellfish, vegetable or egg to complement the menu that follows. The ingredients were freeze dried, and the soup, when reconstituted, tastes just as it did when it was originally prepared. We are very proud of this exceptional product, and hope you will enjoy it too. Product of USA. Sushi Chef Traditional Japanese Clear Soup is sold in a case pack of twelve(12) packets with .33 oz each.

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