Sushi Chef Sushi Rice 20 oz Box
Sushi Chef Sushi Rice 20 oz Box

Sushi Chef Sushi Rice 20 oz Boxes - 6 Pack

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Sushi Chef Sushi Rice. Rice is the most fundamental component of sushi, and it is easy to prepare, especially if you have a rice cooker. Only Japanese-style short or medium grain rice is used on sushi. When cooked, it is tender, moist and clingy, so it will hold its shape. Sushi Chef Sushi Rice is premium, M401, medium grain rice that has been crafted for sushi and a variety of other rice dishes. This particular strain of rice was developed as an improvement over other varieties of medium grain rice. It has a slightly larger kernel and a creamier center, both of which lend Sushi Chef Rice its pleasing texture and slightly sweet taste. Premium rice also has a longer maturing cycle and lower yield than other rice. Because it is so difficult to grow, this rice is highly prized. Gluten-free. Product of USA. Kosher.  Ingredients: All-Natural Water-Polished Milled Rice. Sushi Chef Sushi Rice is sold in a case pack of six(6) boxes with net 20 Oz each.