Sushi Chef Pickled Ginger - 32 oz Jars- 2 Pack

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Sushi Chef Pickled Ginger - 32 oz Jars- 2 Pack. Pickled Ginger is a popular condiment consisting of thinly sliced young ginger roots pickled in a brine of rice vinegar and sugar. It adds the crisp flavor of ginger to fish and vegetable dishes and is a tangy addition to stir-fry dishes. It has also recently been discovered that ginger may provide many health benefits, including weight-loss, memory-boosting and anti-inflammatory benefits.This cool, sharp condiment is made from tender young ginger roots. Serve the crisp slivers of ginger chilled. Eat a little at a time between different varieties of sushi and at the end of the meal to cleanse the palate. Sushi Chef Pickled Ginger is sold in a pack of two(2) glass jars with net 32 oz each.

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