Sushi Chef Nori, 50-Count, 4.5-Oz Toasted Seaweed Sheets

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Sushi Chef Nori, 50-Count, 4.5-Oz. Sushi Chef Nori (Toasted Seaweed Sheets) are a sea vegetable that is cultivated in screened salt water inlets. Once harvested, it is chopped, rolled and dried in the sun and then toasted into crisp sheets. Sushi Chef Nori is especially delicate and flavorful. Its thickness makes it less likely to break when rolled. The flavor, aroma and crispness of Nori is enhanced by quickly passing the shiny side of the sheet over a flame just before use. Nori sheets are wrapped around sushi rice and fillings to form rolled sushi. When cut into strips, Nori is used to secure finger rolls or to add flavor and color to sushi. Crumbled Nori is an attractive garnish for salads or rice. Product of China. Sushi Chef Nori toasted seaweed sheets are sold in a bulk pack of 50 sheets. Net weight of package is 4.5 Oz.


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