Soom Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Sweet Tahini, 12 Oz Jar
Soom Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Sweet Tahini, 12 Oz Jar

Soom Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Sweet Tahini, 12 Oz Jar, Case of 6 Jars

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Soom Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Tahini, 12 Oz Jar. Case of Six Jars.    Imagine the creamiest, smoothest tahini you can eat, perfectly blended with dark chocolate and sea salt . . . drizzle this on toast, fruit, s'mores, you name it. A perfect baking tahini for sweet rolls, cookies, cakes and more.  Vegan, Dairy Free.  Kosher.

  • Deep, rich chocolate flavor with a subtle sea salt crunch
  • Made with nutrient-dense sesame seeds sourced from the Humera region of Ethiopia
  • The salty-sweet combination is perfect to bake, blend, dip, or spread
  • Plant-powered nutrition from iron, calcium & more...
  • Naturally nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and kosher
  • BPA-free Packaging

The smoothness of Soom tahini sets it apart from all others--no separation of paste and oil, no stirring, no thick-bottomed bother so often found in other tahini! Soom is made by three sisters dedicated to bringing exceptional tahini to U.S. kitchens.

Soom Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Sweet Tahini is made from just four all natural ingredients: - Soom tahini(100% roasted and pressed Ethiopian White Humera sesame seeds), powdered pure cane sugar. cocoa powder and sea salt. It has no nuts, no dairy, no added oil, and less than half the amount of sugar of leading chocolate spreads.