Smucker's Raspberry PlateScapers 19.25 oz. Bottles, 12 Pack Case

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 Smucker's Raspberry PlateScapers - Case of 12 Bottles. Decorate your desserts and enhance your plating presentations with Smucker's raspberry PlateScapers. Smucker's line of Platescapers dessert toppings transforms any plate into a canvas, which can then become a work of art! Use this topping to draw lines, squiggles, shapes, and more. PlateScapers topping is thicker than a sauce, so it will hold your designs and not pool out. With the convenient squeeze bottle packaging and unique decorating tip, the product flows easily for making hassle-free plate designs. 

Use PlateScapers to create an upscale presentation of any dessert and increase profits! Customize your superior dining service and use this raspberry topping to write names or messages on plates. Celebrate the holidays with seasonal designs like snowflakes or spiderwebs. Whether you zig zag one or two flavors, or create an elaborate design, the decoration is sure to impress your patrons. 

Besides adding decorative value, this topping enhances any dish with the tart and fruity flavors of raspberry! Smooth and flavorful, this topping can be drizzled atop foam or whipped cream to add the perfectly sweet finishing touch to your specialty coffees, lattes, or hot chocolate. You can even swirl it atop cheesecake, brownies, and ice cream, and a simple swirl will produce elegant results. Smucker's raspberry PlateScapers will enhance your customer's dining experience and add an extra hint of sweetness to any dish you serve! It is recommended to refrigerate this product after opening.  Kosher(D).  Gluten Free.

Smucker's Raspberry PlateScapers sold in a case pack of twelve(12) squeeze bottles with net 19.25 Oz each.