Shiitake Mushrooms, Sliced & Dried- 1 Pound

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 Shiitake (Lentinus Edodes) is often called a wild mushroom, however it is only found cultivated. The origin of this mushroom is debated. Either the Chinese or the Japanese were the first to cultivate shiitake over 1200 years ago.  Dried shiitake caps are dark brown on top, with tan gills underneath. The rim of the dried shiitakes curls down toward the stem. Shiitakes have a meaty flesh and a full bodied flavor. Shiitakes may also be referred to as Chinese black mushrooms or forest mushrooms. 

Basic Preparations: Rinse product in cold running tap water to remove any possible debris. To reconstitute, place desired amount into a bowl, cover with boiling water, and let soak for 15-20 minutes before draining. Or, add directly to recipe that will cook for at least 20 minutes. General rule, 1 oz. dry reconstitutes to 3-4 oz.

Dried Shiitake Mushroom slices are sold in a sealed bag with Net 1 Lb. 

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