San Merican Creamy Vodka Sauce - Three 23.5 Oz Glass Jars

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San Merican Creamy Vodka Sauce -  Three 23.5 Oz Glass Jars.  This vodka sauce with a touch of cream is perfect for weeknight meals. It is good to go just as it is. Choose your favorite cut of pasta and finish it with Parmigiano-Reggiano.

  • TOP QUALITY & RATINGS - San Merican Tomatoes are considered a top choice by many professional chefs, food journalists, and home cooks. Top ratings in blind tests administered by the most respected food publications.
  • ICONIC BRAND - San Merican brand is recognized by chefs and food lovers everywhere. Why? Because the taste and quality always deliver.
  • BALANCED FLAVOR - Enjoy this creamy vodka sauce and experience the intense tomato flavor!
  • GROWN AND PACKED IN THE USA - Domestic tomatoes have the perfect balance of sweetness to acidity. The taste you know and love, grown and packed in the USA.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, Tomato Paste, Heavy Cream, Fresh Onions, Imported Olive Oil, Imported Pecorino Romano Cheese (Pasteurized Sheep's Milk, Salt, Cheese Cultures, Enzymes), Vodka, Garlic, Salt, Organic Sugar, Basil, Spices, Parsley Flakes, Citric Acid, Crushed Red Pepper Seeds.


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