Roland Pearled Farro
Roland Pearled Farro

Roland Italian Pearled Farro, 3-Pound Bag

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Try it as a side dish or as the base of a grain bowl.
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Roland Pearled Italian Farro is sold in a cello package with net 3 lb. Farro, a grain, is an unhybridized form of wheat that has a firm, chewy texture. Cleaned and pearl shaped, farro is the first grain made from wheat, and dates back to the ancient Egyptians. Add Farro to a pot of boiling water and cook until desired doneness is reached, drain and serve. Zero grams of trans fat. Ancient grain. Product of Italy.

Roland farro is pearled, which makes it quick and easy to prepare. Try it as a side dish or as the base of a grain bowl.  Treat it like risotto: make farroto! Roland® Pearled Farro makes for a beautiful, sturdy risotto that is a delightful side to hearty meats or roasted vegetables. 

 Shelf life: 720 days.

Preparation and Cooking Suggestions

Rinse 1 cup of Roland® Farro and drain. Combine 4 cups salted water or stock and 1 cup Farro in a pot and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for about 20 minutes or 5 minutes longer for a softer consistency.  

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