Roland Italian Lady Fingers (Savoiardi)
Roland Italian Lady Fingers (Savoiardi)

Roland Italian Lady Fingers (Savoiardi)- 600 Count Food Service Pack

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Roland Italian Lady Fingers (Savoiardi)- 600 Count Food Service Pack. Roland Imported Italian Lady Fingers Cookies . Made with fresh eggs and the highest quality ingredients. Try them with ice cream, gelato, or as a sophisticated dessert decoration. Lady Fingers are light and delicate cookies with a narrow shape and round ends. They are mildly sweet, yet extremely airy biscuits. Savoiardi are essential when making Tiramisu, French Charlotte, or an English Trifle, but are equally as delicious served alongside coffee or champagne.

  • Lady Fingers are light, delicate sponge biscuits
  • Narrow shaped, round ended, 1/2 inch thick and four inches long
  • Both light and crispy and are among the oldest of the French petits gateaux secs
  • Ready to use with no further cooking required
  • Product of Italy

Ladyfingers, sometimes known by their original Italian name savoiardi, or as sponge fingers in British English, are low density, dry, egg-based, sweet sponge biscuits roughly shaped like a large finger.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Sugar, Eggs, Leavening Agents (Sodium Carbonate Acid, Ammonium Carbonate Acid), Glucose Syrup, Natural Flavoring, Salt.

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