Quaker Pearled Barley, Medium
Quaker Pearled Barley, Medium

Quaker Pearled Barley, Medium, Case of Twelve 1 Lb Boxes

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Quaker Pearled Barley, Medium,  Case of Twelve 1 Lb Boxes.  Pearled Barley combines wholesome goodness with convenient preparation. Not only is it a good source of fiber and niacin, but it is also low fat, with no saturated fat or cholesterol. Next time you need a side dish or want to put a twist on an old recipe, try Quaker Barley, and taste how much better this healthy and hearty alternative can be. 

Bring on the barley. The best soups, stews and meals begin when you blend in the bold, hearty taste of barley. Pearled barley is a delicious source of fiber too. Medium barley cooks in 45-50 minutes.  Kosher.  Low Fat.  Sodium Free.


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