Pistachio Nuts, Extra Fancy Natural, 11 oz bag, 12 pack

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Germack Extra Fancy Natural Pistachios are sold in a case pack of twelve(12) traditional paper bags with net 11 Oz each.  Pistachios are the lowest fat and lowest calorie nut!  Established in 1924 Germack is American's oldest pistachio processor. They are artesian nut roasters, using a small batch process to guarantee the perfect roasted nut. Their pistachios are dry roasted and lightly salted and then packaged in the unique signature paper bags to lock in freshness. Germack hand selects California pistachios directly from smaller farms in California who grow a special variety of pistachio that is more secure in its shell, and often larger than other varieties.  Germack pistachios come from the "first shake" of the tree, providing nuts that are of the highest quality and with shells that are open wider than many. Get Cracking!  

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