PONS Spanish Quince Paste, 7.1 Oz, Case of 6 Jars

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PONS Quince Paste is sold in a case pack of six(6) glass jars with net 14.1 oz each. Pons Quince Paste is made with wildly ciltivated fresh quinces from the region of Andalusia in Spain. The selected quinces are carefully peeled and cooked very slowly. Sugar is then added and the Quince Past is completed following the steps of a traditional recipe. 

 In Greek mythology, this fruit with its fresh, pervasive aroma was known as "the Golden Apple", a symbol of love and friendship. 

Pairs well with cheeses.  Serve slices of Quince paste with Pecorino or Stagionato sheep and cow's milk cheese. It is also delicious in a panini with proscuitto, pecorino and arugula.

 Ingredients:  Quince paste and sugar