Newman's Own Family Recipe Italian Salad Dressing -6 Pack

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Newman's Own Family Recipe Italian Salad Dressing is sold in a case pack of six(6) glass bottles with net 12 oz each. Made with extra virgin olive oil. All natural. All profits to charity. Newman's Own Foundation continues Paul Newman's commitment to donate all royalties and after tax profits from this product for educational and charitable purposes.

Legend: in 1499 the fierce Gelato clan of northern Italy and the bellicose Viagrani Nooni clan of the south engaged in the now famous Salad Dressing War, each side claiming their dressing was superior. After 10 years of intermittent salad-tossing and some cross-dressing, Cardinal Newmanelli the Just brought the warring factions to the table and mediated a salad dressing combining the best features of both. For two centuries this combination was the official family dressing for all Italy. Then, during the Great Prosciutto War of 1710, the recipe went poof, lost, until recently, when it was unearthed in a decrepit palazzo on the Gran Canal. The magical recipe appeared so to speak, and is finally the dressing that united Italy.

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