Mrs. Dash TABLE BLEND Salt-Free Seasoning 2.5 oz (6 Pack)

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Mrs. Dash TABLE BLEND Salt-Free Seasoning  is sold in a pack of six(6) shaker bottles with net 2.5 oz each.  Salt free. All natural. Mrs. Dash Table Blend: A simple shake of this unique blend of 100% natural herbs & spices makes everyday meals extraordinary. Great on: chicken, steaks, burgers, fish, pork, soups, potatoes, rice, veggies/salads, eggs. Tip: Sprinkle on sliced, baked potato wedges.  Kosher.

  • Big flavor with no trace of salt. Mrs. Dash® Table Blend wraps over 20 different spices into one mixture that never disappoints. Our spice blend can be used on literally anything, without worrying about your salt intake. Go ahead, replace that old salt shaker.

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