More Than Gourmet Veggie Stock Gold-16 oz

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More Than Gourmet Veggie Stock Gold is sold in a plastic reclosable tub with net 16 oz. More Than Gourmet Veggie Stock Gold, a classic vegetable stock reduced to a glace, is a wonderful addition to soups and sauces, rices and grain dishes. Veggie Stock Gold presents a wonderful addition for your light dishes. A clear stock with no added starches or fat, Veggie Stock Gold's blend of select fresh vegetables is a natural way to enhance the color and flavor of your current stocks or entrees. Certified Vegan.  Gluten Free. No MSG or preservatives. Made in USA.

Makes approximately 2-2/3 gal. (10l) of classic vegetable stock.  No Chemicals, MSG, Fillers or Preservatives. Shelf Stable - Refrigerate after opening.  

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