Mitica Spanish Cocktail Mix Nuts-1.65 Lb Tub
Mitica Spanish Cocktail Mix Nuts-1.65 Lb Tub

Mitica Spanish Cocktail Nut Mix -1.65 Lb Tubs- 6 Pack Case

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Mitica Spanish Cocktail Nut Snack Mix is sold in a case pack of Six(6) resealable plastic buckets with net 1.65 Lb(750g) each. Served in the finest establishments world-wide. The perfect snack to share with friends over a bottle of wine or a flavorful beer. Perfectly salted Spanish Largueta almonds, pistachios, fava beans, chic peas, and giant crunchy corn kernels. Super delicious, incredibly addictive! 

 A product of Valencia,Spain. This unexpected mix of nuts, beans, and corn is supremely crunchy and satisfying. It is popular throughout Spain, where big bags of it are sold at outdoor kiosks and bars serve it alongside cold beer. No wonder it’s the ultimate party mix!

Ingredients: corn kernels, pistachios, largueta almonds, fava beans, chip peas, vegetable oil, rice flour, sea salt. Allergy Information: Made in a facility that processes peanuts and tree nuts. Store in a cool dry place & avoid direct sunlight.


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