Mitica Caramelized Spanish Walnuts, 8.36 Lb(3.792 Kg) Tub

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Mitica Caramelized Spanish Walnuts are sold in a food service size 8.36 Lb(3.792 Kg) Tub. Outstanding, candied Spanish walnuts. These fresh, crunchy walnuts are candied in a way that makes them above average. Crunchy, melt in your mouth with a soft finish of burnt caramel.

Plump, crunchy and meaty walnuts picked in Valencia, Spain, caramelized with sweet sugar for an addictive treat. These crunchy sweet walnuts are great to have around to use in pies or brownies, toss into a salad, and are just ideal to pair with cheese platters...or just sneak in a few as a sweet anytime snack.

Labeled for Food Service trade. Not labeled for retail.

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