McClure's Dill spicy garlic Pickle Relish
McClure's Dill spicy garlic Pickle Relish

McClure's Dill Pickle Relish-Select Spicy or Garlic - 6 pack Glass Jars

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McClures Dill Pickle Relish is sold in a pack of six(6) glass jars with net 9 Oz each. Select from Garlic Dill or Spicy.

McClures Dill Pickle relishes. Like their pickles? Try their relish. Just like a freshly chopped vinegary salad, we encourage spoonfuls to accompany a hotdog, potatoes, or tuna or egg salad. Kosher. Made in Detroit Michigan and Brooklyn New York.

Spicy Relish:  Made with cucumber, dill and chopped garlic infused with habanero and cayenne peppers, McClure's Spicy Dill Pickle Relish has a texture and flavor reminiscent of a vinegary salad. Great on hot dogs, burgers and salads, McClure's Spicy Dill Pickle Relish is a fresh addition for your condiments selection.  This relish has a kick. A sandwich will never taste the same and your omelets will soar to new heights. Fresh and flavorful, this spicy relish packs the kick you crave.

Garlic Dill: Relish this moment because it won't last once you open a jar and taste this incredibly fresh, all-natural relish. Like a freshly chopped vinegary salad, McClure's relish is just like their pickles...chopped up. Try in tuna and chicken salad, on sandwiches and hardboiled eggs. Closest in resemblance to your grandmother’s dill pickle relish, McClure's brings you their great-grandmother's recipe with a strong sour taste complimented by notes of garlic and dill.

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