Marukan Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar Unseasoned, 1 Gallon

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Marukan Genuine Brewed Rice Vinegar Unseasoned, 1 Gallon. Using a technique dating back over 300 years, Marukan’s seasoned rice vinegar has been meticulously brewed and fermented. Relying on traditional, time-honored Japanese processes, Marukan’s slow, methodical process is the backbone for the vinegar’s longevity. Made with the finest, purest organic ingredients, it is touted as the world’s original rice vinegar, flavoring Asian-inspired cuisine all over the world.

Seasoned rice vinegar is tangier and sweeter than its counterpart – un-seasoned rice vinegar – and is a great addition to any dish. By adding organic natural sugar and kosher salt to the highest-grade organic short-grained rice, Marukan has created a one-of-a-kind, smooth taste that is less acidic than regular rice vinegar. The seasoned rice vinegar originally created to enhance sushi rice is now a popular go-to for salads, sauces and gravies, as well as pickling. Its balanced flavor is simple enough for a variety of palates.

The delicate acidity is versatile and excellent as an addition not only to Japanese but also Chinese, European or American dishes. You can use it straight from the bottle, or as an ingredient for salad dressing and sushi rice. This product contains no sodium, sugar, fat, artificial ingredients or calories.

Marukan is the nation’s leading maker of rice vinegars and a household name. It is gluten free, certified kosher and non-GMO verified. Ingredients: Water, Rice, Koji, Salt. A product of Japan.

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