Kitchens of India Mixed Vegetable Curry with Cottage Cheese, Case of Six Meals

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Kitchens of India Navratan Korma (Mixed Vegetable Curry with Cottage Cheese), 10 Oz - Case of Six. Vegetarian. A traditional delicacy, well-loved across India. Nine varieties of hand-picked, fresh vegetables, diced and expertly cooked in a mild cashew-flavored sauce, to give your taste buds the most remarkable culinary experience.

Entice your taste buds and go on a mystical voyage through the legacy of authentic Indian gourmet cuisine with Kitchens of India Ready to Eat Navratan Korma. Encompassing ancient recipes of India safeguarded and passed down from generation to generation by royal cooks of the Maharajas, Kitchens of India captures the elements of a time where every meal was treated as a grand celebration. Perfected by Master Chefs of India’s prestigious ITC Hotels, Their expertly crafted meals will take you through a cultural experience. Kitchens of India meals are made with 100% all-natural ingredients, are preservative free, and sealed in fresh packs, so that you can enjoy in an instant what has taken centuries to perfect