Kame Fish Sauce
Kame Fish Sauce

Kame Fish Sauce, 7 oz Glass Bottles, Pack of 6

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Like liquid umami—it brings a savory depth in recipes like sauces, soups & marinades
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KA'ME Fish Sauce,  7 oz Glass Bottles, Pack of 6 Bottles.

This delicious Fish Sauce by Ka'Me uses just 4 simple ingredients: anchovies, water, salt and sugar. Despite the short and simple recipe, the sauce packs a big punch of flavor, and is one of the most popular condiments in Southeast Asian cooking. Fish sauce can be used to add delicious flavor to meat dishes, stir fries, vegetables, and many other recipes. The Ka'Me dispenser bottle design makes it easy and convenient to dispense the desired amount of sauce and then reseal to preserve freshness and flavor.  All Natural.   

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