Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic Espresso Coffee: Three -12 oz Bags

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Intelligentsia Black Cat Classic Espresso Whole Bean Coffee: Three -12 oz. Bags. Direct Trade Organic Black Cat Classic Espresso blended from coffees of Brazil and Costa Rica . This syrupy sweet espresso blend has been the staple of the Intelligentsia lineup since the very beginning. Supreme balance and a wonderful sweetness make this a classic.

Flavor Notes: Dark Chocolate, Ripe Cherry, Brown Sugar.

Upon initial visual inspection, a buoyant, thick crema the color of chocolate and hazelnut rests atop a reddish-black stout-like body. The blend is intricate enough to stand alone, pulling balanced, full-bodied shots rife with caramel and candy-sweetness, topped by clean red fruit and mild citrus flavors. The experience expands the more is sipped, and drinkers will notice that the final sips of a shot are the sweetest and most syrupy. However, it is versatile enough to cut through steamed milk in a latte or perfectly balance a traditional cappuccino. Black Cat in a macchiato provides an elegant structure and provides an appropriate decadence for any affogato.

From Intelligentsia: "Intelligentsia single origin coffees are sourced from some of the most celebrated, family-owned farms and smallholder co-ops and estates from around the world. In an effort to underscore the specific flavor notes of a single growing region, process, or varietal, we seek out these distinct coffees to showcase the purest expression of unique taste and unrivaled quality. "

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