Hot Smoked Spanish Paprika Powder "La Chinata" 750g (26.46 Oz) Tin

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Hot Smoked Spanish Paprika Powder "La Chinata" 750g (26.46 Oz) Tin.  The perfect size for restaurants, chefs, or any commercial kitchen( or active home chef!).  

La Chinata Hot Smoked Paprika is obtained by grinding mature, dried peppers. The peppers are dried using Oak wood, which generates sufficient heat to dehydrate the fruit perfectly  giving La Chinata's Paprika its three main characteristics: AROMA, FLAVOUR and BALANCED COLOUR.

AROMA AND FLAVOUR is obtained using a traditional smoke-drying system. BALANCED COLOUR as a result of the high concentration of carotenes is produced in the pepper throughout its cultivation in the microclimate of LA VERA and during the drying process.


If you like hot spices, this is the most suitable variety for you. It is ideal to give a brave and exotic touch to your dishes. Using just a little enough. We recommend its use for any recipe that could use a spicy touch. 

Pepper Variety used: Jeromin. 

Product certified under the Protected Designation of Origin “Pimentón de La Vera”. Naturally Gluten free.  A product of Spain.