Herb-Ox Bouillon Powder Beef Broth & Seasoning Sodium Free

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Herb-Ox Sodium Free Granulated Beef Bouillon, Twelve(12) - 8 Count boxes, 1.1 oz per packet. 96 total packets! Instant Broth and Seasoning is Sodium Free and Gluten Free. Real herbs. Real flavor. With other natural flavors. Eight foil packets specially formulated to be sodium free. From the makers of famous Herb-Ox bouillon cubes. Add to soup, stew, gravies, sauces and stir-fry and bring to a boil. Add to water when boiling rice, pasta, couscous, potatoes and vegetables. Use to season beef prior to cooking to 160F, for ground beef, cook to 165F. Mix 1 packet into each pound of ground meat and cook thoroughly to 165F when making meatloaf, burgers and meatballs. This is the powdered version not the cubes.

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