Germack Sunflower Seeds - In-Shell - 3 oz, Case of 12 Bags

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 Germack Sunflower Seeds - In-Shell - 3 oz, Case of 12 Bags.  3 oz of salted in-shell sunflower seeds. Superior quality and super fresh. Grab a whole case of these (sold in packs of 12 to a case) for your next baseball game, or sporting event. The package size is great for on-the-go snacking, and "single" servings ideal for the whole team. Healthy snack, just as nature made them, lightly salted and ready to shell as you eat.  A baseball player's favorite!! Almost mandatory in every baseball dugout from T-ball to the Big Leagues! 

Made in Michigan. Proudly processed by Germack Pistachio Company Detroit Michigan (est. 1924).  Germack!  As seen on QVC TV.

Note: You must shell these seeds prior to eating.  Crack the shell on it's Edge with your teeth to unveil the whole seed.