Germack Castachios (Pistachio & Cashew Mix)
Germack Castachios (Pistachio & Cashew Mix)

Germack Castachios (Pistachio & Cashew Mix) -3.5 oz-12 pack

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Famous Germack Pistachios and Cashews in a delightful mix. WOW!
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Germack Castachios (Pistachio & Cashew Mix) -3.5 oz-12 pack.  Each pouch contains 3.5 oz. of fancy whole cashews and shelled pistachios.

Our customers rave about this item. Germack roasts and salts cashew nuts and premium shelled pistachio nuts in healthy high oleic canola oil to create a uniquely simple flavorful nut blend. This nut blend comes in a sealable zip lock stand up pouch.

Cashews are flavorful, highly nutritious nuts that contain oleic acid, a heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. Pistachios pack a nutritional punch, loaded with B6, antioxidants, lutein, and fiber making them a true super food.  Made by the Germack Pistachio Company, Detroit Michigan. As seen on QVC TV.


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