Finn Crisp Whole Rye Crisp Bread Original Recipe(Siljans) 14 Oz

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Finn Crisp Original Recipe (Siljans)Traditional Whole Rye Crisp Bread is sold in a case pack of eleven(11) crispbreads with net 14 oz each. This is the same knäckebröd taste and texture you may remember from childhood. Crispbread looks like it will be dry and tasteless, but add butter (and other toppings) and it melts easily in your mouth to a rye taste stronger than crackers or bread but not overwhelming at all.   Each crispbread measures 11" by 11" by 1".  A product of Sweden.

  • Case Pack of Eleven, 14-ounce packages 
  • A traditional whole rye crisp bread
  • An original Swedish recipe which is fat free and sugar free
  • A cholesterol free food

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