Filippo Berio 100% Pure Olive Oil (3 liter tin)

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Filippo Berio Pure 100 percent Olive Oil is sold in a tradition olive oil tin with net 3 liters (101.4 Oz.). Exquisitely balanced, this versatile olive oil can be used to enhance the true flavor of any dish. Ideal for sauteing and grilling. 3 liter(101.4 oz) imported from italy. 100 percent pure natural olive oil. Smoke Point: 356°F-392°F. Suggested Uses: Basting meats and fish; sautéing meats; pizza dough and focaccia; roasting meats, fish and vegetables. When you choose Filippo Berio Olive Oil you are choosing a product steeped in the traditions and the expertise of the founder, Filippo Berio. His uncompromising standards and passion for food inspired him to craft olive oil with exquisite flavor – made from only the finest ingredients. For nearly 150 years, the superior quality of Filippo Berio Olive Oil has inspired cooking enthusiasts, like you, to create delicious meals for family and friends and patrons. Filippo Berio is truly The First and Last Name in Olive Oil™.

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