Drakes Frymix Batter Mix, 5 Lb Bag
Drakes Frymix Batter Mix, 5 Lb Bag

Drakes Crispy Frymix Batter Mix, 5 Lb Bag (Pack of 2 Bags)

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Drakes Crispy Frymix Batter Mix, 5 Lb Bags (Pack of 2 Bags).  

 Everything is right in the mix. Simply add water.  Mixes easily into a creamy batter, without lumping...to coat food thinly and evenly.

Drake's Crispy Fry Mix is an proprietary blend of all natural ingredients and contains no MSG. Drake's Crispy Frymix is easy and economical to use and can be used as a wet batter or dry batter. To use as a wet batter simply add water or use beer to make a beer batter. To use as a breader, roll fish or chicken in to dry Drake's Crispy Frymix and pan or deep fat fry. Made in Michigan USA.

Drake's Crispy Frymix is America's complete, all-purpose batter mix. It's easy-to-use and so delicious. People have been telling us for nearly 50 years how much their customers enjoy its golden brown perfection. It contains wheat flour, corn meal and select herbs and spices. It does not contain any artificial ingredients. It's a versatile mix that's perfect for fish chicken, onion rings, frog legs, shrimp, fruits and vegetables.


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