Dr. Oetker Natural Vanilla Sugar, 0.28 Oz Packets (Total of 12)

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Dr. Oetker Natural Vanilla Sugar, 0.28-Oz (Total of 12).

It's easy to make everything taste more delicious. Simply add the wonderful flavor of Dr.Oetker natural vanilla sugar to any recipe. No artificial flavor, this delicious flavoring can be added to baked good recipes, sprinkled on desserts, stirred into coffee or tea or sprinkled on any of your favorite fruits.

Oetker's Natural Vanilla Sugar is the easy way to add vanilla flavor to your food and drinks. This sugar is used in baking cookies, pies, cakes, desserts, frostings and pastries. Sprinkle on fresh or canned fruits and cereals. Sprinkle on cakes and other baked goods to add a little more flavor and decoration. Add to whipping cream. Stir into your coffee, tea, milk, and yogurt.

One pouch is sufficient for 4 cups (500g) of flour or 4 cups (1 Liter) of liquid. One pouch of Oetker Natural Vanilla Sugar is equivalent to 1-2 teaspoons of vanilla extract (substitution rate may vary for some recipes).  A product of Canada.

Dr. Oetker Natural Vanilla Sugar is sold in a MFG. case pack of six- two packs for a total of twelve(12) .28 Oz packets.


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