Divina Roasted Red Peppers 5.75 Lb(drained Wt) Can

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Divina Roasted Red Peppers 5.75 Lb(drained Wt) Can.  Whole meaty Florina red peppers fire-roasted to mellow, sweet perfection. Long, triangular shape, vibrant color, residual char marks from fire-roasting. Firmer and meatier than a regular bell pepper, their natural sweetness is brought out when fire-roasted. 

A true labor and energy saver, they are already roasted and peeled. Ideal for any foodservice application. Minimally processed and conserved without citric acid to preserve the all-natural, fresh pepper flavor (no metallic taste!).  Use on pizza, focaccia, pasta and salads. Non-GMO - Gluten Free.  Product of Turkey.

Ingredients: Roasted Florina red peppers, water, red wine vinegar, sea salt, grape must