Divina Olives Stuffed with Jalapeno - 6 pack

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Divina Olives Stuffed with Jalapenos are sold in a case pack of six(6) glass jars with net 7.7 oz each. The olives are handpicked, sorted and cured using an all-natural fermentation process that fully preserves natural flavor.

For a uniquely flavored stuffed olive, look no further than Divina Olives Stuffed with Jalapenos. This spicy olive has a robust taste that will add that special zing to everything from antipasto to martinis.

Divina olives are grown exclusively in the Mediterranean, where the finest small farms handpick the olives and process them to preserve the fullest, all-natural flavor. One taste of these fine olives and you will understand why Divina has such a reputation for the highest quality.

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