Divina Cornichons, Food Service Tin, 8.8 Lb/ 4.7 Lb Dry Wt.

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Divina Cornichons, Food Service Tin, 4.7 Lb Dry Wt.(Gross Wt 8.8 Lbs)  In a pickle searching for the perfect condiment? Look no further than the cornichon. These petite, tart and crunchy gherkins are the perfect pick-me-up for deviled eggs, tuna/egg salad or a charcuterie board.

A traditional French recipe, these petite pickled gherkins are farm-fresh and crisp. Serve with charcuterie or dice into tuna or egg salad.

Caliber: 180/300.   Ingredients:  Gherkins, water, vinegar, salt, dehydrated onion, calcium chloride, spices, mustard seeds.  A product of India.  Kosher.  Non-GMO. Sealed shelf live:  36 Months.  Not labeled as a retail product.  

Divina Cornichons are sold in the large food service size tin with gross weight of 8.8 Lbs and a net drained weight of 4.7 Lbs.