Del Destino Sundried Tomato Strips, 5 lb. Bag

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Del Destino Sundried Tomato Strips,  5 lb. Bag.  Packed for food service.  Not packaged for retail.
Kosher.  Shelf Stable.  Sealed storage:  24 Months.  A product of Turkey.
  • Sun-dried tomatoes are dried in the natural heat of the sun
  • Boast unique texture, flavor, and colorful appearance
  • Cut in strips for convenient preparation
  • Ideal on sandwiches, pasta, pizza, and signature entrees
  • Ripe, juicy tomatoes originate in the Mediterranean region

Intricate in flavor and unique in texture, these tomato strips are a very versatile ingredient popular in traditional Italian cooking. They are dried through the natural heat of the sun for a very deep and intense flavor. Cut and shipped in strips, these Del Destino sundried tomatoes are easy to prepare and convenient to use in your commercial kitchen.

Use these tomatoes in a rich pasta sauce over linguini. Conversely, use them to top your colorful and hearty signature salads and pair with a sweet vinaigrette dressing. Offer a pesto-based pizza with sundried tomato strips and rich mozzarella for a delicious dish that will keep your customers coming back for more. Top off the experience with a dry German Riesling to counterbalance the natural acidity of the tomatoes. From the warm Mediterranean region, trust these sundried tomatoes to impress your guests.

Del Destino is devoted to bringing delicious, exotic flavors from all over the world to your establishment. Starting in 1971 with a line of imported tomato products they have expanded their offerings to include fruit, oils, pasta, spreads, sea salt, vinegars, and other specialty products from every corner of the globe. Del Destino allows you to explore fine international flavors that will delight - all without traveling overseas!


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