De Cecco Whole Wheat Spaghetti Dry Pasta, Case of Twelve 13.25 Ounce Boxes

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De Cecco Whole Wheat  Spaghetti Dry Pasta, Case of Twelve 13.25 Ounce Boxes.  If you crave authentic Italian pasta and love living a healthy lifestyle, serve De Cecco Whole Wheat Spaghetti. It's made from 100% whole wheat for a heaping helping of fiber, plus it's non-GMO, and free of trans and saturated fat.  Kosher.  Made in Italy.  

  • Good Source of Protein, Dietary Fiber and Phosphorous. Intense aroma and bold flavour, without a bitter taste
  • Wheat Selection: De Cecco's Method preserves the valuable wheat germ and gives the pasta the "whole" flavor of the wheat.

Low Temperature and Slow Drying.  Researchers from the University of Milan have proven that De Cecco’s whole wheat pasta contains wheat germ and is the only one among those studied to possess all the benefits of slow, low-temperature drying.
Cold Spring Natural Water.  De Cecco kneads the semolina with cool spring water from the National Park of Majella at a temperature of less than 59° F to ensure the pasta maintains its firmness after cooking.


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