De Cecco Orzo Pasta
De Cecco Orzo Pasta

De Cecco Orzo Pasta, Six 16 Oz Boxs

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De Cecco Orzo Pasta, Six 16 Ounce Boxes, Size #74.  Orzo, also known as risoni, is a form of short-cut pasta, shaped like a large grain of rice. The pasta resembles small grains and is fun and appealing. It is especially good for preparing clear soups such as broths or consommé, enhanced with croutons or vegetables cut in julienne strips. This pasta can be used in thick creamy or velvety soups.  

De Cecco gently grinds the heart of each grain, mixes it with cold spring water, then kneads the dough slowly. This results in pasta with the exceptional De Cecco aroma, flavor, and consistency. Pasta easily cooks to perfection, has a great firm texture, and a delicious “fresh” pasta taste. It has a rougher surface, which helps the sauce stick to it. Make De Cecco pasta the secret ingredient for your most amazing dishes! Buon Appetito!  De Cecco (since 1886), The First Certified Pasta.

Made in Italy. Orthodox Union Kosher.  GMO Free, No Trans Fat, No Saturated Fat, No Added Sugar, 0 mg Cholesterol. Certifications: British Retail Consortium, International Food Standard, Social Accountability System, FDA HACCP.  De Cecco Orzo #74 Pasta is sold in a pack of six(6) boxes with net 16 oz each.  

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