De Cecco Orecchiette Pasta,
De Cecco Orecchiette Pasta,

De Cecco Orecchiette Pasta, 16-Oz Boxes (Pack of 8)

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De Cecco pasta easily cooks to perfection, has a great firm texture and a delicious “fresh” pasta taste.
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 De Cecco Orecchiette Dry Pasta, 16-Oz Boxes (Pack of 8).  Orecchiette (little ears), also known as "strascicati", are a typical pasta shape from the Apulia culinary tradition. The shape is a round disc with a slight indent in the centre. In the culinary tradition of Apulia of home-made pasta, orecchiette were made with white flour, durum wheat semolina and water. After the pasta dough had been cut into small pieces, it was "dragged" ("strascicati" in Italian) with the tip of a knife to create a sort of small shell, then pulled back with the tip of the thumb. In traditional Apulia cooking, orecchiette are cooked in boiling water with broccoli or potatoes and served with a tomato sauce and sheep's cheese, or with garlic and oil. This pasta is also known as "Recchie" and is served with vegetable ragù, or lamb and ricotta ragù.

  • GMO Free No Trans Fat, No Saturated Fat, No Added Sugar
  • Premium Quality Semolina Pasta produced by renowned De Cecco Pasta Maker
  • Made in Italy, Kosher Certified
  • In traditional recipes, Orecchiette are blanched together broccoli or potatoes and dressed with a tomato- based sauce, sprinkled with Pecorino or they are great with just oil and garlic. They are also called "Recchie" and served with vegetable or lamb ragu and ricotta cheese

WHAT MAKES DE CECCO PASTA EXTRAORDINARY? Since 1886, De Cecco pasta has won worldwide recognition for its taste, firm texture, and cooking consistency. De Cecco pasta has become synonymous for superior quality and Italian authentic taste around the world.  De Cecco grinds the premium-quality wheat in its own mill in Fara San Martino. De Cecco grinds it gently, to avoid damaging the vital gluten. A strict daily selection ensures that only the heart of each grain of wheat is chosen. The rest of the wheat is discarded. The dough is mixed only with cold spring water from the nearby mountains of Abruzzo National Park and it's kneaded slowly, to assure optimal development of the gluten. This step also ensures that the resulting pasta has the exceptional De Cecco aroma, flavor and consistency. De Cecco forms the different shapes of pasta using only bronze dies, which produces a slightly rough surface that sauce clings to. Buon Appetito!  

De Cecco Orecchiette Dry Pasta is sold in a case pack of eight(8) with net 16 oz each.