De Cecco Acini Di Pepe Soup Shape Pasta
De Cecco Acini Di Pepe Soup Shape Pasta

De Cecco Acini Di Pepe Soup Shape Pasta - Pack of 6- 16 Oz Boxes

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DeCecco Acini Di Pepe Soup Shape Pasta.  Acini di Pepe (peppercorns) belong to the minute pasta family to be cooked in broth. This pasta shape was undoubtedly invented to stimulate the imagination of children who commonly eat this pasta in baby food and vegetable soups. It is shaped like peppercorns and is fun and appealing. It is especially good for preparing clear soups such as broths or consommé, enhanced with croutons or vegetables cut in julienne strips. This pasta can be used in thick creamy or velvety soups. Acini di pepe belong to the soup pasta cuts. Their origin cannot be traced back to any specific Italian region. Each corn has a 0.080" diameter. Semolina milled at time of production the n mixed with mountain spring water, extruded through bronze dies, and dried over long period of time. OU Kosher certified. 1lb dry yields 2.6 lbs cooked. De Cecco is still a family owned company. Product of Italy. Kosher.

  • Delicious small corn shaped pasta cuts ideal for soups

De Cecco Acini Di Pepe Soup Shape Pasta is sold in a pack of six(6)boxes with net 1 LB each.