D'arbo Fine Plum Fruit Spread, 16 Oz(454g)
D'arbo Fine Plum Fruit Spread, 16 Oz(454g)

D'arbo Fine Plum Fruit Spread, Case is Six 16 Oz(454g) Glass Jars

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D'arbo Fine Plum Fruit Spread, Case of Six 16 Oz(454g) Glass Jars. All Natural Fruit Spread of the Finest Plums. Prepared according to secret, traditional Austrian recipes with only the finest all natural ingredients since 1879. Kosher.  A product of Austria.  

Ingredients: Plums, Sugar, Lemon Juice Concentrate.

It is only natural that the secret of making great jam is no secret. D'arbo "all natural" jams are produced according to old family recipes. Then and now only the best fully matured fruits with best taste are used for preparing a great mush which is later the base for making this fine jam.

D'arbo all natural jams are also produced according to the "all natural" principle. That means that only fruits, preserving sugar and lemon juice concentrate are used for production. Darbo does NOT use any artificial preservatives or flavorings. D'arbo "all natural" jams contain only natural ingredients!

Today D'arbo all natural jams are a must on every Austrian breakfast table and breakfast buffet. You can get the full taste of the best roasted plums directly on your table.  D'arbo Fine Plum Fruit Spread is sold in a case pack of six(6) glass jars with net 16 oz each.


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