Dalmatia Fig Spread (3.53 Lb Bulk Pail)
Dalmatia Fig Spread (3.53 Lb Bulk Pail)

Dalmatia Fig Spread (3.53 Lb Bulk Pail)

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Dalmatia Fig Spread (3.53 Lb Bulk Pail). This spread is crafted using figs from the pristine Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and other Mediterranean regions. It is cooked with great care to protect the integrity of the fruit and to create a rich, full-bodied, fruity flavor-an unsurpassed tasting experience!

This spread has captured the imagination of all of those who have tried it. Healthy and versatile this product has a variety of uses in the kitchen. Great with cheese. Fig Spread is deeply fruity and complex with notes of caramel and honey. A standout on any menu, you will love it on pizza, spread on sandwiches, whisked into a vinaigrette or baked into pastries, cakes and pies. An ideal cheese pairing, this item has endless sweet and savory applications.
Gluten Free, Non-GMO. May contain occasional pit or pit fragments.

Ingredients: Figs, pure cane sugar, fruit pectin, citric acid (acidity regulator), lactic acid (acidity regulator), ascorbic acid (antioxidant).

Food service item -not packaged for retail sale.

Dalmatia Fig Spread is sold in a resealable food service tub with net 3.53 Lbs.