D & P White Barista Sticks - Unwrapped-100 Count

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Dryden & Palmer White Rock Candy Barista Sticks - Unwrapped-100 Count. D & P demitasse stirring sticks are an elegant and delicious alternative to ordinary table sugar. Crystallized pure cane sugar and great tasting flavor impart a smooth sweetness to your favorite beverage. These eye-catching stirrers bring variety to your coffee experience and ensure a memorable finish to every diner or party guest's experience. Kosher. Made in USA. These rock candy swizzle sticks measure 4 1/2" each, contains about 0.21 oz (6g) rock candy per stick. *Due to natural coloring processes, coloring may vary *Packaging may vary.

Dryden & Palmer White Rock Candy Barista Sticks are sold in a box pack of 100 unwrapped sticks.

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