Cracked Freekeh(frikeh)
Cracked Freekeh(frikeh)

Cracked Freekeh(frikeh), 5 LB Bag, Food Service Pack

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Try it as a delicious pilaf with sultana raisins and or pine nuts.
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Cracked Freekeh,Roland Cracked Freekeh ( frikeh) is a flavorful ancient grain that’s easy to prepare and tastes delicious. A traditional food in both the Middle East and Northeastern Africa, it has a subtle smoky flavor and pleasant chewy texture. Try it in a savory salad or as the base of a hearty grain bowl for a satisfying meal. Whole Grain! Kosher. Product of Canada.

Freekeh is an ancient grain, but a new “superfood”. Young wheat is harvested while still immature and lightly roasted. The parched husk is rubbed off and grains are cracked and broken into smaller pieces to ensure fast cooking. Roland® Cracked Freekeh has a nice, chewy texture and a slightly grassy and nutty taste, enhanced by a subtle smokiness. Praised by chefs all around the country, it is the perfect base for a delicious grain bowl or a healthy and satisfying side to any protein.

CULINARY INSPIRATIONS: • Serve as an appetizer in a classic Middle Eastern dish – shorba freekeh, or freekeh soup. Lightly toast the freekeh in a pan with lightly caramelized onions before simmering with a spiced stock. • Make freekeh part of your salad/grain bowl offerings. Freekeh is particularly delicious when served with grilled lamb or chicken, which bring out its inherent smokiness. • Try it as a delicious pilaf with sultana raisins and or pine nuts.


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