Consul Extra Large Escargot Snails, 28 Oz Can- 2 Pack

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Consul Extra Large Escargot Snails, 28 Oz Can- 2 Pack. Consul Escargots (snails), are of standard quality. Packed without shells, there are 72 extra large snails per can, and they are of uniform size. They are carefully cleaned, well cooked, and tender with a grayish color.

  • Consul Snails are an elegant appetizer which enhances any fine meal. They have an excellent flavor and are low in calories and cholesterol.
  • Drain contents of can. Clean snail shells in boiling water. Place butter sauce(6 tsp. butter, 1 clove, 1 tsp. shallot, 1 tsp. parsley, salt and pepper)in each shell. Place a snail in each shell, cover with remaining butter sauce.

Snails can be served in their shells, on snail plates, or in mushroom caps. Rinse before using. Soak or simmer snails in wine to enhance their flavor.Product of Indonesia. Consul Extra Large Escargot Snails are sold in a pack of two(2) cans with net 28 oz each.


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